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Gardener's Pride Botanicals (GPB)

The establishment of GPB grew from a keen interest Michael and Paul developed from the hobby of gardening and growing plants acquired from various locations world wide. As time progresses it appears there will continue to be stresses on plant population in there native habitats. A number of plants are already considered extinct or nearly extinct in their native locals. With changing climate as well as encroachment of non native flora, development of surrounding areas for human needs and even general transitions of habitats from one biome type to another, plant groups will continue to face pressure that threatin their existance. PLants like Lilium occidentale a west coast native (USA) is deamed for extinction in the wild due to changes in its native habitat within 30-35 years, even with studies and efforts being conducted to aid in its survival.

We do not have the resources to make significant inroads on native plant populations facing extinction or endangerment but perhaps by working with gardener's, horticulturalists, botanical gardens and plant enthusiasts we can aid in the enjoyment of these plants outside of their native diminishing environs.

GPB endeavors to acquire, preserve, propagate and disseminate rare and unusual plant material in a timely manner for the gardening public, taking care to maintain the quality and purity of original stock throughout the process.

•GPB News•
6/14/2017 Pages added
  • Nepenthes
  • Nepenthes species
  • ampullaria
  • attenboroughii
  • boschiana
  • burkei
  • chaniana
  • coplandii
  • diatus
  • fusca
  • glabrata
  • Nepenthes Hybrids
  • 6/15/2017 Pages added
  • glandulifera
  • hirsuta
  • jamban
  • lingulata
  • madagascariensis
  • maxima
  • ...more to follow....

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  • July 22, 2017 12:00-4:00PM - Bay Area Carnivorous Plant Society - Annual Pot Luck